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Leadership Lessons from the The Greatest TED Talks in Hisotry is unique and follows a similar format to The Greatest Speeches in History course. It combines the greatest Ted Talks on leadership with critical perspectives on personal development.  The focus: equipping leaders with perspectives, tools and practices to effectively navigate the current complexities of teams, organizations and communities in which they work. Each Ted Talk carries many lessons to be learned and applied today in leadership.  

$199 for non-OEDI members and $99 for OEDI members

Ethics is not a skill you learn in class, but rather a mind-set that guides decision making in all aspects of your job. This 2-hour online course provides students with the ethical principles necessary to make the right decisions at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reasons.  

This course is FREE with an OEDI membership, or $49. A 20% discount group rate is also available.

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Leadership Lessons from the The Greatest Speeches in History is unique from any other leadership course you’ve taken! If you enjoy learning about leadership through the lens of some of the most impactful speeches in history, you are really going to enjoy this course. The course is an effort in leadership development made possible by learning from some of the greatest speeches of all time. There are speeches from politicians, athletes, business moguls, poets, and more. Each is unique in context because of its time in history. Each, too, carries many lessons to be learned and applied today in leadership.?

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This course blends theoretical models of leadership with real-world insights to explain how to effectively implement team strategies, rules, and practices that lead to exceptional outcomes for the leader, team, organization, and community of stakeholders. Topics covered include: personal development, situational analysis, motivation, communication, conflict management, team development, culture, performance management, and the leader’s brand. These are often called “soft skills” and are just as often noted as the most important skills of leadership – and the most challenging competencies any leader can develop.  

$199 for non-OEDI members and $99 for OEDI Members 

The purpose of this course is to help leaders and decision-makers advance the skills necessary to develop and maintain problem oriented policing success in their communities.  

Training Goals: 

  • Leadership and building team relations
  • Leadership strategies to establish community partnerships
  • Leadership approaches in applying community policing strategies specific to your own community
  • Leadership steps required in helping others apply the SARA method of problem solving
  • Develop a leadership plan of action to continue community building and problem solving work in your communities 

$199 for non-OEDI members or $99 for OEDI members

The purpose of this course is to help executives and decision-makers develop the skills necessary to make sound leadership decisions when preparing and planning for critical situations in their communities. Navigating Leadership in Critical Times Online Course Features: 

  • Interactive web-based training
  • Training that uses history as a source of tangible leadership examples
  • Centered on real-world application of leadership theories and concepts in crisis situations
  • Designed for the supervisors, managers and executive level professional
  • Self-paced training that requires active participation in on-screen and off-screen activities 

$199 for non-OEDI members and $99 for OEDI members